Jesús Guerra

iOS Developer & Consultant
based in Hermosillo, Mexico.

About Me

I bring over 12 years of iOS app development experience, specializing in the entertainment, sports, and social media sectors. My journey involves substantial experience in both Objective-C and Swift, with a particular emphasis on Swift. This extensive background positions me at the forefront of technology, equipped to tackle iOS development challenges with expertise and innovation.

As a self-driven and passionate iOS Engineer, I find immense joy in creating exceptional apps that deliver results. My approach is simple: 'Get Things Done,' with an unwavering commitment to on-time deliveries and the highest code quality.

My career has been a continuous learning journey, collaborating on diverse iOS projects and engaging with talented engineers, from whom I've absorbed invaluable knowledge. This constant evolution empowers me to tackle daily work challenges with innovative solutions.

What sets me apart is my dedication to clients' needs. I work closely with them, offering my expertise in requirements definition, design documentation, and technical specifications. I also navigate the intricate Apple approval and distribution process with precision.

I'm based in  Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico. But my reach knows no bounds. I'm eager to explore new opportunities and contribute to your next iOS project, ensuring it reaches its full potential. Let's create something extraordinary together.

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Jesus is one of the easiest and most fun people to work together with I've ever worked with. Always an uplift in meetings. He is not only an amazing culture fit, but he cares deeply and very thorough in his work. He is genuinely passionate about his work and the community, ecosystem around it.

I recommend Jesus to fit any team in compelling challenges with an always-positive and can-do attitude who will move the project/product forward. He's really a great team player I really enjoyed working together.

Mehmet Fatih
NoMad Interactive

Jesus is a true joy to work with. He's an extremely competent iOS engineer and takes the time to understand the underlying product requirements. He's not afraid to question things and present alternatives. Working with Jesus was one of the few times I genuinely looked forward to daily conference calls.

Jonathan Wilson

Jesus was involved with us as the lead iPhone App developer for a complex application. I have been impressed by his strong technical expertise, creativity, sense of urgency, his attention to details and overall extremely positive attitude. His "I will find a way to do it" with a smile attitude is very uplifting. It is a real pleasure and privilege to count Jesus as part of our team!

Philippe Bouissou
Blue Dots Partners

Jesus is as good as it gets! He's an incredibly talented, diligent, and efficient engineer. He understands product goals quickly and can implement with minimal guidance. He is a master of best-practices, even more so, he's a true master of iOS. The best part of all is that he's a joy to work with. Jesus has a contagious, positive attitude. He shares your excitement when embarking on a challenging problem, and he's always eager to share his elegant solution.

Scott Levy
Daily Spot

Jesus has a strong skill to bring customer's requirements into the iOS app. He could not only provide high quiality apps and meet deadlines but also support the whole development cycle discussing business rules and desings.

Dmitry Ryazantsev

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